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Colourisation: The Tenth Planet

The Tenth Planet, 1966.

Restored, upscaled and colourised.

This forty-six second clip took me nearly 7 months to colourise. There were times when I thought I honestly wouldn't finish it!

One of the hardest things to manage when colourising is camera movements, character movements, and motion blur. This clip has all three! From a slow zoom out at the beginning, Polly's spin and the Doctor's hand gestures! Ouch!


There were frames where edge detail seemed to be entirely lost and I was only able to place the colour by trial and error - and a lot of heavy feathering. This was made even more complicated when you realise Hartnell was wearing two rings that needed to follow his hands without slipping!

I don't believe there are references for Ben's coat (I could be wrong!) so I played with a few colours before settling on the colour I did. I had a similiar coat as a child and I thought it'd be a nice touch!

Polly's jacket is off-white, but I thought that looked a little bland when I reviewed the first shot. I decided to go for a soft baby pink instead. Bright, vibrate colours really suit the 1960's and I love adding that faux-technicolour look to my videos.

Again, like my 'Planet of Giants' colourisation, I opted for a pink fill light behind the back wall.

Overall I'm very happy with how this one turned out and I believe my effort has been rewarded. 

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