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Colourisation: Planet of Giants

Planet of Giants, 1964.

Restored, upscaled and colourised.

This was a particularly fun colourisation to put together because all the colours are easily sourced and it's very nicely lit.


There is also a wonderful colour publicity photo from 'The Crusade' which I was able to deduce some colours from. This enabled me to match Hartnell's trouser colour precisely, as well as attempt to add a deep navy blue to Hartnell's Season Two necktie.

I added a slightly browner colour to the blow-up walls - this possibly isn't authentic but I felt it warmed the palate nicely and compliment the pink highlights I'd added to the opposite wall.

Whenever colourising the time rotor, I tend to make the black internal flags red. Again this isn't accurate but adds an additional lick of colour which is quite pleasing to my eye.

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